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From a small Country House to the Land of Opportunities...

We are proud to be the first in introducing the line of nut crunches into the United States.

Our story began in Taiwan where I grew up munching down on various flavors of healthy nut snacks. I particularly remember our Chinese New Year’s celebrations where my parents would bring home buckets full of these wonderfully delightful treats. Having these crunchies at home really signaled the start of our New Year festivities.

However, when my husband and I moved to the United States in pursuit for his PHD studies, I noticed that it was nearly impossible to find these tasty snacks from my childhood. Of the few that I did find, some were either overpoweringly sweet or tasted stale and hard.

Determined to bring to life our fondest childhood memories, my husband and I began mixing and experimenting with a variety of natural ingredients in our own humble kitchen. With help from our families in Taiwan, we successfully reproduced our first Almond Crunch and they became an instant hit amongst our friends and neighbors.

In 1994, we jumped into the food manufacturing business as a side project. As more and more people fell in love with these wonderful little snacks, we realized how much we appreciated seeing people’s pleasure and delight as they munched on our nuts. A year later, my husband and I both decided to quit our normal jobs in order to direct all of our time to our small business.

Seeing the delight on the faces of happy customers truly brings us much joy. This has become our vision, to provide premium quality food products that are satisfying both in taste and health to everyone. Enjoy!


With lots of love and munchies,

Monica and Kurt


P.S. We appreciate all of the encouragement we have received throughout the past years and thank everyone who has helped us grow to where we are now. Many have enjoyed our products and continue to support us by spreading the word to others. We have great confidence in our products and our customers to help us push our product nationwide.


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